5 Tips for Students Planning to Study Abroad

Congratulations on making the biggest decision of your life! As honorable as it is to choose to continue one’s studies, it is braver still when one plans to do so in a foreign land. But then, no great achievement comes without its challenges. And we are here to see you through this one! Now that you have made the decision to traverse the oceans for your higher studies, it’s time to prepare for the journey. Here’s the lowdown on the expected (and some unexpected) obstacles that lie in your path. You know what they say——well begun is half done!

1) Plan in Advance

Remember the story about the early bird and how it would always get the worm? She’s your spirit animal now. Studying abroad requires months (even years) of planning to just be able to get in the race. It doesn’t get any easier when you consider that students all around the world are vying for the same course as yours and in the same institution as yours. Essentially, they’ve got their eyes set on your seat, and many of them will have home turf advantage. 

The admission process is a detailed and prolonged one that requires all aspects to be perfectly worked out, starting with what you want to study and where. Take your time to choose the country and the city where you want to take up further studies. The best colleges in Canada and the rest of the world tend to have their pick of the lot and you must begin working on your profile accordingly. A little preparation will definitely go a long way. Study and research the student profiles that your choice of colleges tend to be drawn towards. Research the academic scores that they prefer so you can assure compliance. Do they prefer certain sports or co-curricular activities? How much community participation would they like to see and are you meeting the criteria?

2) Start Building Your Savings

Studying abroad will be an expensive affair. It literally pays to be an early bird here too. Even after you bag a grant or a scholarship, studying abroad will require you to bear other expenses such as boarding and lodging, meals, commute, personal care and recreation. Do your research well in advance and figure out your monthly expenses apart from your tuition fee. Develop the habit of saving that amount per month right from the moment that you have the research before you. This will help you take to your new life abroad seamlessly once you do move there.

It is likely that your visa restrictions will curtail your ability to earn in your free time. While it is essential to find good work opportunities for yourself, do put in some research into finding as many scholarship opportunities as you can. You do have the option of benefiting from multiple grants at one time and that would go a long way in assisting you in your study abroad. 

3) Get Your Paperwork in Order

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. You’ve got a plan but the execution is awaited. This is where you must be absolutely perfect for one missed step or misstep can cost you your entire dream. Not only does your admission form and fee submission have to be done in an ordered fashion but your immigration documents and visa are of utmost importance. These processes can be complex and stretched out which is why you must be on top of things at all times. Compliance with all these requirements asks for quite a close watch. Take the help of a trusted platform such as Aplicar to sail through this process and eliminate the risk of any losses in this crucial stage.

4) Adopt the Local Language

Nothing is more important than the ability to communicate with the locals in your new home. The only way you can do that is if you would actually know the language that they converse in. Aim for fluency in the language and make it a part of your life.Start taking regular classes to learn and improve upon your grip of the new language. You can even join many language clubs to help you tide over any hesitation that you may have while conversing. Follow our expert tips to override any language barriers. By the time that you land in your country of study, you ought to be comfortable enough with its language to make it your default language. When in Rome, after all!

5) Be Aware of Local Customs and Culture

Culture shock is very real! Small things that are commonplace for your new host country may seem absolutely shocking to you and vice versa. Just the way of addressing each other changes dramatically from region to region. Talking to someone in their own language versus in the neutral English language will make a world of difference. Be sensitive to the local culture and find out about the social etiquette and manners expected of you once you are amid your new countrymen. International students carry the added burden of representing their home country and culture wherever they go. The best way of doing that is by being mindful and respectful of your host’s.

Good Tidings!

Now that you have evaluated your priorities, we’re certain that you have a To-Do list along with a path to your destination. Do rely on experts and your Admissions Counselor whenever you feel cornered and remember to have fun in this glorious new phase of your life. Here’s bidding you good tidings in your new sojourn!

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