7 Things You Should Keep in Mind to Increase Your IELTS Score

Many students aspire to get an outstanding IELTS score and study abroad at their dream Institution. Starting your IELTS journey can be overwhelming, but fret not, as there are some tips and tricks you can follow to avoid errors and improve your score. Read on to learn more about them.

  • Practice Skimming: Rather than focusing on every detail, first try to gain an understanding of the passage. Then, read the questions and scan the passage for likely answers. In case, you cannot find some answers, read the passage again. Practicing reading techniques like – skimming and scanning will enable you to read the passage faster and cover more questions in less time.
  • Read a lot of vocabulary-rich literature that is pertinent to the IELTS test you’re taking, whether it’s for the Academic or General Training test. Start at an intermediate level and work your way up as you gain proficiency. It is only through practice that you can improve your speed and build a better vocabulary.
  • Make it Conversational: Talk instead of answering in one line during the speaking test. In a limited time, you have to convey your adeptness in the English language. Practice this in a way you would talk to a colleague and not a friend, which means that you should keep the conversation polite and formal, without resorting to casual language or slangs. The best way is to practice speaking in English daily. This will improve flow and build confidence, helping you to perform well in the exam. Be confident in your responses without being repetitive.
  • Write Precisely: The focus in your writing should be on quality over quantity. Writing more than is required won’t fetch you extra marks, and perhaps, can be the cause of errors that result in lower scores. To show your expertise in dealing with a variety of sentences, include simple and compound sentences in your writing section.
  •  Manage Your Time: Often overlooked aspect, managing your time is very important for the test. As you have to complete the test in a specified time, you have to prioritize what to attempt and in how much time. In the writing test – Part Two has more marks than Part One. Try to finish the essay timely so that you have ample time for revision. Do not spend more time than necessary on one question. In case you get stuck, move on to the next question and come back to it later.
  • Work on Your Spellings and Vocabulary: Spend some time practicing spelling and vocabulary while prepping for other aspects of the exam. These two things will help you gain points in the writing section. Use synonyms whenever possible to avoid using the same word repeatedly. Another key aspect is reviewing your text for faults and making corrections.
  • When it comes to vocabulary, reading is an effective method. Try to learn new words, write them down and use them in your writing and conversations to become comfortable with their usage.
  • Pronunciation: A crucial aspect of the speaking test is saying the word correctly, i.e. Pronunciation. It is as important as what you are saying. Even though accent does not matter, your pronunciation does. Speak clearly and do not rush. The easiest method to accomplish this is to practice, and if possible, practice with someone who is fluent in English.
  • Unanswered Questions: Even if you’re not sure, do not leave blank spaces. Write anything that you feel is relevant to the question being asked.

Bonus Tip: A day before the test, sleep well. Arrive early on the day of the event, so you have ample time for the entry registration and seating. Check in with your belongings and bring the necessary documents.

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