Best ethical and business practices for recruitment Partners – Aplicar shows the way



Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has greatly reduced the ability of schools and universities to onboard students. Without proactive and well-informed recruitment partners, students are not able to make ‘best fit’ decisions regarding their education abroad. With so many platforms, options and opportunities, students are unsure as to the path to take. This is where recruitment agents become most important. But not all partners and agents are created equal, and some who are more aligned towards personal profits at the cost of student interest, give a bad name to the process. To make sure that institutions, students, as well as agents get a fair deal, there are certain

ethical and best business practices that can be followed. 

Best Fit: When the expectations of the students and institutions are aligned, they are deemed to be a good fit. It is the job of the partner agency to ensure that students are offered options that are a good fit for them academically as well as financially. A student who is doing exceptionally well academically and can be placed in a top college should not simply be offered a lower-ranking college because it gets the agent a better commission. Similarly, the agent should try to find something that the student can afford and suggest scholarships that could be offered to help him.

Selecting Schools: Recruitment partners should be selective about the institutions that they onboard. An institution that is selective about the agents it chooses and takes the time to interact with them and train them continuously is more likely to be good for students as well. Schools that do not regularly update the information may inadvertently supply incorrect information to the agents, who in turn will not be able to guide the students correctly. The agent and school should be partners and work as a team towards the welfare of the students, that is the goal that one should be working towards.

Transparency: Withholding information about the health requirements, Embassy approachability, availability, and immigration issues that can be encountered generally, and also on a case-to-case basis, constitutes bad practice. When institutions have close relationships with agents who have their reputation on the line, students have a much better chance of getting a fair deal. 

Moral Responsibility: A recruitment agency mentors students as they leave their comfort zones and pursue their dreams of an education abroad. Working with genuine intentions towards the welfare of students and institutes lends them authenticity and credibility. Thinking of students as individuals to be guided well, as opposed to another way to earn a commission, helps align their goals with ethical practices. 

Offer Solutions: Nothing is more disheartening than an agent who seems to be grappling with the same problematic situations that the students he is supposed to offer guidance to. It is beneficial, and expected, to have solutions ready for the most common problems that a student could face during the entire process of application and admission. Not that you will have the answer to every problem, but the most common and initial roadblocks can surely be prepared for. 

With these basic ethical practices in place, recruitment agents and placement partners are an invaluable resource for students and institutions alike. Aplicar offers students experienced and adept recruitment partners who put the students’ interest before anything else.

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