Canadian Student Visa Process: Everything You Need to Know 


Canada is a popular choice among students for studying abroad. Easy immigration process, quality, affordable education, and immense employment opportunities are just a few reasons why. While getting admission to a university or college of repute depends on your score and performance, it is mandatory to first get a Study Permit and then a Canada Study Visa for staying and studying in Canada. 

There are certain Canada study visa requirements that need to be fulfilled to get a Study permit.  

Study Permit 

A requirement for all international students, the study permit is a document issued by Immigration authorities in Canada to a foreign student who has been accepted in a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. Without a Study Permit, an international student is not eligible to stay and study in Canada. Note: A study permit is not a Canadian student visa. A visa will only be issued to a student once the study permit is approved by the authorities. 

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How to get a Study Permit 

In order to get a study permit, students are required to have a letter of acceptance from a DLI and have a valid passport or travel document.. Once you reach Canada you must present your passport and these documents before the Immigration Officer who will then verify and issue you a study permit. 

Canada Student Visa Requirements  

Though immigration law is relatively relaxed in Canada, all candidates must fulfill a few criteria to get a Canadian student visa to study in Canada.  

  1. You are enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution 
  2. Proof that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees, expenses, and return travel. 3. Proof that you have no criminal record. 
  3. Proof that you are in good health. You may have to go through a medical exam, if required. 5. You must leave Canada once your study permit expires

How long can an international student stay in Canada with a study permit? 

A Study Permit enables the candidate to live in Canada for the entire duration of his/her course plus 90 days. 

Documents Required for the Student Canada Visa 

Documentation is essential in the process to apply for a student visa. Students must submit the correct documents in the right order. Failing in doing so could lead to the rejection of your application. Below is the list of the required documents you should have to apply for the Student Visa in Canada.

Valid Passport 

Students need a passport with a validity date that covers the entire duration of your course. 

You would also need two recent passport sized photographs, with your name and date of birth on the back of the photograph. 

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A Designated Learning Institution is an educational institution/university that is recognized by the Government of Canada The candidate should have a letter of acceptance from the institution he/she intends to study at.

Proof of financial support 

Students need to prove that they have enough funds to pay for tuition fees, other expenses, and travel back to their home country. This could be proved by a Canadian bank account in your name in which the required funds have been transferred, or an education loan document from a bank. Other options are proof that you have already paid the tuition and housing fees, or a letter from a person or school who is sponsoring your education.

A Letter of Explanation 

A letter of explanation is more like an essay that will explain your reason to study in Canada. This will also state that you are aware of the responsibilities of an international student pursuing studies in a foreign land and will abide by the rules. 

Certificat d’acceptation du Québec 

This is specifically for those who wish to study in Quebec issued by the Govt. of Quebec.

Once you have all these documents in your hand, you can apply for a study permit in Canada. Also make sure you have an English Language Proficiency Exam score as it is required by most of universities and colleges.  

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