Celebrating 2 Years - Aplicar Enters UK

Celebrating 2 Years – Aplicar Enters UK

Aplicar celebrates its second anniversary by entering UK. In its pursuit to enhance accessibility of international education, Aplicar regularly brings on board more institutions and has now expanded into one of the most sought-after countries for education abroad, the UK. 

More options & opportunities 

In the UK market, Aplicar has partnered with over a hundred schools. Some of the institutions that it has partnered with include Cardiff University, University of Nottingham, University of London, University of Manchester, University of Law, University for the Creative Arts and many more institutions of repute. This is a big step towards offering a wider database of institutions to students, and also enabling recruitment Partners to offer more options to their student clients. UK has some of the most highly rated educational institutions in the world and attracts international students from around the globe. 

UK education in numbers

As compared to 2019-2020, the number of international students in the UK has grown significantly by 8.71% in the next year, that is 2020-2021. During the same time period, the total number of students enrolled in Higher Education institutions in the UK has also seen an increase of 8.7%. According to the Government of UK, the number of students who were granted a Sponsored Study Visa or a Tier 4 visa in the year ending September 2019 has increased by 16% from the previous year and is the highest since 2011.

The interest in UK Education 

The interest in pursuing higher education in the UK, coupled with the UK Government’s increase in issuing visas, along with other factors, is what makes UK such a lucrative study abroad destination. By including UK institutions in its repertoire of education abroad opportunities, Aplicar has delivered its recruitment partners much value by enabling them to offer its students a wider array of programmes across world-class institutions. 

The Aplicar Edge

Aplicar has become a favourite portal for students and recruitment partners alike with its ample choice of quality institutions and user-friendly interface that puts together the best of smart technology and human touch. As it celebrates its second anniversary, it has introduced features that have made the search for best-fit programs and institutions simple and convenient. In its quest to make education abroad an achievable dream for everyone, it has recently added the Assessment feature to enable swifter and better match for individual student profiles. It has also partnered with ICICI to offer Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) to students. Such facilities and features make for a uniquely rewarding user experience that Aplicar is known for.

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