Introducing Aplicar!


Aplicar is a free-to-join, accessible, global platform that connects students and recruitment partners to our best partner schools around the world. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous, unparalleled support for our students and recruitment partners through our industry- leading smart platform, and ensuring that our schools receive applications from the most qualified and diverse students. Aplicar is all about connection, far-reaching networks, and continual care and assistance.

Aplicar offers high school, undergraduate, and graduate students an easy-to-use platform to search hundreds of our partner schools in order to find their desired program. In just five minutes, students can create a profile with Aplicar’s smart platform. By filling out Aplicar’s career surveys, students will save hours of research time while Aplicar compiles an academic profile that best suits students’ career goals and personalities. From there, students will find the program that is the perfect fit for them. Aplicar’s student-centric approach will become immediately apparent as students receive non-stop support all the way through the eight simple steps to starting the program of their dreams.

With Aplicar’s increasing network of global partners, schools can use Aplicar to expand their reach and visibility. This will allow schools to easily achieve their international student recruitment goals, and offer eager and qualified students the opportunity to apply to great schools and unique programs. Additionally, Aplicar’s quality focus, three-point check, and meticulous pre-contractual selection process, coupled with a network of global recruitment partners and our strong in-house recruitment team, will ensure that schools will represent a diverse international and regional student body. Throughout the application process, partner schools will be able to communicate with students through Aplicar’s fully transparent chat feature, allowing future students to feel immediately supported.


Recruitment partners will love Aplicar’s industry-leading smart platform. Through its flexible service models, Aplicar streamlines the search, application, admission, study visa, and post- landing services. Simplifying this process provides more options for students, while reducing the time and labour found in historical application models. Aplicar’s technology platform will help recruitment partners increase their revenue and grow their businesses with ease-of-mind, offering multiple revenue opportunities, access to hundreds of schools globally, and unparalleled support.

Aplicar offers the benefit of the most advanced industry-leading technology as well as the personal, human touch of a supportive, active team. Students and recruiters will save hundreds of hours and labour by using Aplicar, and schools will exponentially expand their global reach by partnering with us. Aplicar advances a unique, genuine connection between students, recruiters, and schools, bridging the gap in communication and streamlining access to modern, global education.

Sign up for Aplicar now and join thousands of students, recruitment partners, and schools in making life- changing connections!