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Choosing a program for graduation after is a milestone as it’s the first step of getting to the career path students aim for. Such an important decision can be overwhelming and guidance can go a long way in reaching a decision. Overseas education can open up a host of opportunities, but because not everyone is well aware of the options available, making an informed choice can be difficult. Aplicar steps in and helps you explore courses you can choose in Canada after your 12th.


Why Canada?


Canada offers world-class education along with excellent multicultural experiences. Choosing a college to study at after graduation is one of the most important and formative decisions of one’s adult life. Given the high standard of education in Canada and global respect for the same, choosing a college here assures a bright future and wonderful job prospects. Most up and coming streams and career fields find appropriate educational and training institutions in Canada. Among other study abroad destinations, Canada is preferred by many for its safe environment and also the prospect of gaining employment upon completion of school. Canadian universities and institutions have made their mark globally. Whether you want to pursue a career in engineering, technology, humanities, medicine, life sciences, data sciences or any other, there are many top-class options to choose from.

Given the multicultural set up, the faculty at these universities is drawn from varied backgrounds. Not only are they highly educated, they also have ample experience in their respective fields. One of the very big draws for students is that they are permitted to work while they study. This makes education here pretty affordable.


Top Programs in Canada 

Canada has a plethora of full time degree, diploma, post-graduate diploma, certificate and vocational programs to offer. 

Management is a very popular field for those choosing Canada for education. Having studied commerce with math gives students an edge in choosing subjects such as Financial Planning, Science in Statistics, Construction Management and Economics, Computer Applications, Company Secretary, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration.

For students with a background in commerce, there are plenty of options. They could choose courses in Marketing, HR Management and Supply Chain Management if they are interested in marketing and management. For others, Law, or even Digital Media and Journalism programs for those interested in legal studies and communication respectively are a great choice. For those interested in the hospitality industry, there are good hotel management programs as well. 

Students on Computers

If you studied sciences with biology, there are plenty of options in the medical field.  Apart from becoming a practising doctor, for which you need to get a bachelor’s degree from a Canadian university before joining a medical school, you can also choose a specialisation such as BDS, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Cardiology, Zoology, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Anaesthesia, Biology, Bioinformatics or Forensic Sciences.  There is also the choice of going with Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmaceutical, Food Science Technology and Veterinary Sciences. 

For those with a science background without biology, Canada offers plenty of options. From among a host of courses for engineering, you can opt for Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, Automobile, Civil, Chemical, Robotics, Textile, Structural, and Computer Science. There are also excellent options for Information and Technology, Architecture, Computer Science Engineering and BSC s in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Data Science. 

Other than degree programs, there are many diploma programs that are quite popular in Canada. For those interested in nursing, there is the option of choosing between General and Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery. There are plenty of management diplomas as well to choose from, allowing students to select from among diplomas in Office Administration, Retail Management and Business Administration with specialization in HR, Marketing and Finance. 

With so many options and plenty of opportunities, it is no surprise that Canada is fast becoming the most popular education hub for students globally. Find the program of your dreams and apply with Aplicar!


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