Most Sought-After Courses in the UK

Some of the most popular courses in the UK are those that help students gain employment, and maybe even help them with immigration. The right subjects and courses can open the doors to great employment opportunities in the UK. Read on to find out some of the most sought-after courses in the UK in 2023.

  1. Engineering: Engineering was and is one of the top courses that students apply for in the UK. Among many categories of engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, design and development engineering, production and process engineering, program and software engineering, and chemical engineering, are all very popular. Some of the universities that offer engineering courses are Durham University, Lancaster University, Abertay University and University of West England.
  1. Life Sciences & Medicine: Health and medicine related fields also continue to be popular. The employability of these students is very high and some of the most sought-after specialisations in the field are psychology, nursing, radiography, paramedical science, veterinary science, clinical medicine, optometry, medical technology, and dentistry. With a background in medicine related fields, you can also choose to work in education, scientific sales, environment and journalism. The University of West England, University of Warwick, University of Sheffield, Newcastle University and University of Aberdeen are some of the universities offering Life Sciences & Medicinecourses.
  1. Computer Science: Popularity of IT subjects doesn’t seem to wane. Highly specialised graduates are still in demand and some of the most sought-after specialisations are data science, IT business analytics, web design and development and cyber security. Students with an interest in mathematics and who are also creative could do well in this field as Consultants, Managers, Programmers, Analysts and Developers. Abertay University, University of West England, Swansea University, Coventry University and Nottingham Trent University offer many related courses.
  1. Mathematics and Actuarial Science: One of the most upcoming fields with booming prospects, students can go in for actuarial sciences, mathematics and statistics. The University of Southampton, University of Manchester, University of York, University of Essex and University of Kent are some of the universities that offer courses related to these fields.
  1. Creative & Performing Arts: Challenging and very competitive, these are fast upcoming fields and these courses are always in demand. In creative courses you can opt for art and design, graphic design, and animation; while for the Performing Arts you can choose among dance and choreography and music. Some institutions offering related courses are University College London, Bath Spa University, University of Suffolk and University of West England.
  1. Earth sciences: With plentiful opportunities available, graduates can seek employment in fields such as research and teaching, construction, energy and mining, government supported scientific establishments, geology consultancies and oil, gas and petroleum industry. The University of Oxford, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, University of West England and University of Liverpool offer courses in the field of earth sciences.
  1. Biosciences & Preclinical Medicine: The scope for biosciences and preclinical medicine encompasses life sciences and biological and biomedical sciences. Students can get employment in pharmacology, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Preclinical medicine involves preventing, diagnosing, alleviating or curing disease. Students get to work as healthcare professionals. The University of Chester, London Metropolitan University and university of West England offer courses in these fields.
  1. Management: These courses encompass a wide array of subjects such as business, hospitality, tourism, property and more. In any sector that requires managerial skills, these courses can be applicable. Abertay University, University of West England, Loughborough University, Harper Adams University, Queen Mary University of London and University of Essex are some of the universities that offer courses in Management.
  1. Business and Administration: For students interested in understanding business from a financial and marketing viewpoint, these courses can be a good option. You can take up subjects such as statistics, economics, mathematics, information systems, analysis and international studies. These courses have a scope of employment across most avenues. The University of West England, Abertay University, University of Bath, University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield and University of Reading are some of the universities that offer courses in business and administration.
  1. Sports & Exercise Science: With sports getting increasingly competitive, the study of sports and exercise as a science is rapidly growing. This has given rise to varied fields such as sports therapy, sports medicine, sports journalism and wheeled sports. Durham University, University of Bath, Abertay University, University College London and University of Surrey offer related courses.
  1. Law: Law has a good scope of employment. Lancaster University, University of Warwick, Durham University, North Eastern University London, Abertay University and University of West England offer courses in law.

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