New rules for International Students in Canada 2022


As the pandemic situation continues to evolve, so do the rules and regulations around travel. In keeping with the current situation, new rules have been defined for International students coming to Canada. 

Vaccination Requirements:

As of January 15, 2022, international students must be fully vaccinated with a Canada approved vaccination. This means they must have at least two doses of vaccine accepted for travel by the Government of Canada, a mix of two accepted vaccines or at least one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Also, you should have received your second dose at least 15 calendar days before entering Canada. There are certain exceptions to this, including international students under the age of 18 studying at approved institutions. For temporary foreign residents who have been permitted entry into Canada without qualifying as being fully vaccinated, you can take a connecting flight scheduled to depart within 24 hours of departure time for your flight to Canada. 

Pre and Post-Arrival Vaccination and Testing Requirements:

A negative COVID test result within 72 hours of travel is mandatory for air travellers coming to Canada beginning 7 January 2022. The borders are open to non-essential travellers who are fully vaccinated and meet the set requirements. International students who meet all entry requirements can enter Canada more than four weeks before their program starts. 

On arrival, you should not exhibit any signs of COVID-19. Pre-entry testing requirements need to be followed, which includes uploading your proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN, completing the submission, having the receipt handy, getting the arrival test done and quarantine, if required. Even after arrival, you should monitor yourself for signs of COVID-19 and seek advice from public health centres if need arises.

Documents Required for Students for Entry into Canada:

For a student to be able to enter Canada, they must have a valid study permit or a letter of introduction to show study permit approval. 

To be eligible for a Canadian Study Visa, they have to have been accepted by a designated learning Institute, prove that they have adequate funds for tuition and living expenses, no criminal record backed by police certificates and medical certificates to certify good health. 

The required documents are a valid passport, proof of acceptance by DLI, Proof of funds, passport size photographs, immigration medical examination (IME), and English language proficiency exam score – TOEFL or IELTS, statement of purpose and a credit card. In addition to that transcripts and other documents may also be asked.

You also need to have a valid Temporary Resident Visa, or an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), unless you are a US citizen. Certain events and social settings require proof of vaccination as well.

Returning students can pre-register for on-arrival COVID-19 testing.

Documents Requirement while Travelling to Canada:

Once you have established your eligibility to travel to Canada, you need to gather the essential supporting documents for travel. 

You will need a COVID-19 molecular test report. Even if you get a negative test report, you still need to prepare a quarantine plan on arrival in Canada and complete the mandatory 14 day quarantine if you have not been fully vaccinated. Even fully vaccinated travellers are required to get the pre-arrival COVID 19 molecular test done.

Medical Report Requirements:

Medical results are valid only for 12 months for entry to Canada. You may need a new medical test if the previous one is outdated, whether or not you receive a notice regarding the requirement for a new medical test from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Also, check the status of medical insurance and its validity in the particular province where you are studying as medical insurance requirements change from province to province in Canada. You need to update it to meet the current requirements.

As the decision of the border services officer will be binding, it is the duty of the students to provide proof of vaccination in English/French at port of entry, along with a valid study permit (not approval in principle or AIP). You will need to have completed an immigration medical examination with valid results. Have a self/isolation plan in place and relevant documents to support it.

It is advisable to check up on the latest guidelines before leaving as they are continually changing and make sure you have all your documents in place.

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