Partner Feature: Seneca College

Seneca College

Founded in 1967 as part of  an effort to establish a provincial network of colleges focused in technology and applied arts, Seneca College has grown to be one of the most sought after and respected colleges in Canada. With an excellent reputation for its academic pedigree and instructional quality,  Seneca has remained a very popular destination for international students. Over 7000 international students from over 150 countries make Seneca College their choice. Read more to find out why! 

Campus and Location

Seneca College was founded and is located in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and declared by the BBC as the most multicultural city in the world! Toronto also serves as the business, entertainment, and education hub of Canada. International students moving to the city can be sure to see many benefits of living in a safe, bustling, vibrant city that they will ecstatic to call home!

Spread out over eight different campuses, Seneca College is located throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Although there are multiple campuses located in Toronto itself,  Seneca has locations in the surrounding areas of Markham, King City and Peterborough. Seneca is home to world-class learning facilities, labs, amenities and the Newham Campus is one of the largest in Canada. Students can rest assured that they will have an excellent learning experience!

Seneca College

Programs and Scholarships

Aplicar and Seneca College  are proud to partner and give students worldwide access to a fulfilling, top-tier education. Using Aplicar’s simple yet powerful platform, students can easily navigate their way through over 146 full-time programs and 135 part-time programs. Seneca is one of five colleges accredited in Canada that can offer full degrees, offering even more choice for prospective students.

In 2020, signalling the importance of its relationship with international students, the college established the Seneca International Academy.  This provides international students services and programs tailored just for them.  Coupled with a wide number of available scholarships, Seneca has again and again demonstrated its commitment to the international student community. 

For a complete list of scholarships at Seneca,  please visit click here.

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