Plan your Study Abroad Journey with these Top Tips

Pursuing studies abroad – A life-altering experience

Over the last few decades, studying abroad has grown in popularity. Globalization and the advent of the internet have made it simple to apply to universities in foreign countries and to spend a semester at an institution abroad.

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and is highly enriching on many levels. An overseas study program can completely transform the outlook of a student. 

  • Early planning is key to studying abroad:

Studying abroad requires a great deal of planning because there are so many details you must arrange. It is advisable to start planning at least six months before your departure date so that you have ample time to get everything done before you leave.

  • The sooner your visas are sorted out, the better!

Research all the details of the visa requirement for your program and make sure you obtain it well in advance.  If you have any questions, you should speak with a study abroad advisor at your school.

  • Make sure you start saving early!

It can be very expensive to study abroad, so once you know where and when you are going, you should start saving. You will need to figure out how much money you’ll need per month to support your study abroad, then try to save that much in the months before you depart.

  • Dig out information on financial aid:

To learn about potential scholarships, contact your university’s financial aid office or your study abroad advisor.

There are several types of scholarships to study abroad you should also check out, including

    Scholarships that are location-specific

    Scholarships for Study Abroad in specific programs

    Scholarships provided by universities

    Study Abroad Scholarships for specific subjects

However, you will have a better chance of receiving funding if you apply to smaller scholarships, such as those offered by your university or to students travelling to specific regions/countries.

  • Take out a foreign travel-friendly debit or credit card:

Consider getting a credit card that does not charge international fees.

  • Digital preparation: 

Back up your digital documents or scan important documents like passport photos, insurance, important contact information/addresses, and letters of acceptance and send them to a web-based email address.

  • Do not book your return flight too early:

Keep your return flight flexible until you know what you want to do! You never know what opportunities will arise before the end of your program!



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