Some common misconceptions about studying abroad

Studying abroad is a life-altering experience that paves the way for new opportunities and provides exposure beyond compare! Also, learning about a new culture and making friends from diverse ethnicities makes it even more rewarding. While some students get the chance to live their dream and some never attempt. This is mainly due to a few misconceptions surrounding the idea that dissuade many international students from realizing their aspirations. Therefore, in this blog, we have debunked the most common myths about pursuing higher studies overseas that might be holding you back. 

1) Studying abroad is expensive

Fact: To some degree – Yes, but with the rise of international education, more financial aid opportunities are emerging. Several premium institutes offer scholarships that take the burden off the shoulder of tuition fees expense. All it requires is research and applying for them.

It also has to do a lot with where you choose to study. Some study abroad destinations are rather economical than the home country.

2) There aren’t many scholarships available

Fact: There is a multitude of scholarships for international students that are either merit-based or need-based. Doing research beforehand is all it takes to avail the best one. The majority of the institutes across the globe have a smooth scholarship application process – just make sure to keep all the required documents in one place.

3) Language acts as a barrier

Fact: Students have a preconceived notion that learning a native language is important to get into their desired college abroad. However, that’s not true. If not known, many top universities offer courses in English which makes it easier to embark on the study abroad journey. Having said that, inquiring about the language prerequisites before applying can be of great help!

4) It is not safe

Fact: Safety is of utmost importance and every university guarantees the same to international students. From start to finish, they provide all sorts of assistance required on and off campus to minimize risks and ensure peace of mind. 

5) International degrees aren’t valued by recruiters

Fact: Students having international degrees are revered by companies all across the globe. The belief is international students are better equipped with skills to work in a cross-cultural environment and can speak different languages effortlessly. Whether you are looking to advance professionally or personally, earning an international degree always gives you an edge.

Having the opportunity to study overseas is both challenging and exciting at the same time. A once-in-a-lifetime transformative opportunity that you can’t afford to miss!

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