STEM courses in the USA and related career prospects


STEM is one of the most lucrative fields of study that opens up numerous career opportunities. 75% of the fastest-growing jobs in the USA require significant knowledge of mathematics or science. It is highly valued in the USA as the subjects are taught in an interdisciplinary and experiential manner. STEM refers to the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Together they form a combination that has multiple applications in the real world. STEM career prospects are growing steadily globally and so, career opportunities abound in the USA as well.

Scope of STEM

Ample job opportunities – As per research, for every two STEM jobs, there is only one qualified person to fill the position. According to statistics, as of 2020 around 10.2 million people in the US work in STEM. Yet, that makes up only 6.6% of all jobs in the US. That means there is still ample potential for jobs in this field to grow. Jobs in this field are estimated to see a growth of 10.5% between 2020 and 2030, that’s a whopping 1 million more jobs.

Lucrative pay – Along with this, STEM enables one to secure better job opportunities with more earning potential. Also, the average salary of a US worker in the STEM field is almost double that of the average salary in any other domain. Career prospects in the STEM field are endless, however, despite that, talent is still insufficient. Thus, these positions continue to go unclaimed as there are not enough STEM professionals available. As these jobs are very well paying, they are lucrative and much sought after. 

Jobs in varied industries – Surprisingly, not all STEM jobs are computer-related. Healthcare is the most popular industry for stem jobs, followed by technology, and biological and environmental jobs. These fields have seen a growth of 25.9%, 23.1% and 20.1% respectively, between 2010 and 2020.

A wide-field, STEM covers a broad range of subjects in its spectrum such as biochemistry, biology, astronomy, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, psychology, statistics and many more.

Global Opportunities – You can secure a job easily anywhere around the world. The variety of STEM courses on offer in the USA will have something for everyone. For someone looking for a science background, they can choose to be a pharmacist, a crime scene investigator, a doctor, a toxicologist, a food technologist or a biomedical scientist. If you have a technological bent of mind, you can choose to be a cyber-security expert, game developer, IT teacher, IT consultant, application developer, business analyst, or website designer. Even among engineering, you can have choices such as automotive engineering, CAT technician, control and instrumentation engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, maintenance engineering, or aerospace engineering. Mathematics opens up the path to being an accountant, data analyst, investment analyst, mathematics teacher, or actuarial analyst, and these are just some of the choices in each of these fields. 

Requirements for STEM career 

Once you decide that you are keen on a career in STEM in the USA, you should look up the basic requirements and documents that you would need. 

For a bachelor in STEM:

  1. F1 status.
  2. 12 years (10+2) of elementary and secondary education from a recognized board.
  3.  The minimum score required by the university and successful qualification in ACT or SAT.
  4.  Minimum score specified by the university and successful qualification in English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Academic. 
  5.  Institution-specific requirements and eligibility criteria.

For a Masters in STEM:

  1. F1 status.
  2. Relevant bachelor’s degree.
  3. Meet the minimum undergraduate grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  4. Minimum university-specific score and successful qualification in tests like GRE/GMAT.
  5. Minimum required score by the university and successful qualification in English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE Academic.
  6. Minimum work experience requirement to be fulfilled according to the university applied to.

Scholarship offers

A lot of universities offer scholarships to international students both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Get information about these on

Future of STEM Jobs

Even though the entire job market was hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, STEM jobs continued to grow and are in demand. Some of the newest jobs that will be up for grabs are predicted to be in the STEM domain. 

STEM Jobs that we can foresee will be –

  1. Automated & Robot System Repair
  2. Green Power Creator
  3. Technology Tutor & Trainer
  4. Drone Technician
  5. Space Exploration
  6. Future Farmers
  7. 3D Printing Engineers
  8. Data Managers
  9. Senior Wellness Managers
  10. Streamcasters
  11. Biotech Engineers
  12. Science Ethicist/Technology Advocates
  13. Chronocurrency Brokers
  14. Digital Enforcers
  15. A.I. Trainer & Technician
  16. Climate Analyst & Weather Moderators 

In current times, parents and teachers agree that coding is as important as any other subject in the curriculum even in schools. As the future is tech-driven, STEM plays an important role in innovation and will continue to grow in demand in the future as well. Across various industries, there is always going to be an ever-burgeoning need for a STEM-based workforce.  

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