The Post-Pandemic Relationship Between Students and Recruitment Partners



The onset of COVID-19 has put a halt to study abroad as we know it. No industry remains unaffected from the effects of the pandemic, however it seems to have dealt a specific blow towards the education industry. However, the hopes of students remain unchanged with a desire to have the best international education, a wide range of courses to choose from, and the feeling of being amongst their friends and peers.

This underlying demand is the bedrock for international education to return in 2021, and it also provides an opportunity for new programs and goods this year. During the pandemic, businesses and institutions all around the world had to change their messaging and operations to offer new products or services. That being said, it has become imperative for institutions to come up with methods to keep the students engaged while adhering to the new normal of online-based learning.

As the world emerges from the post-COVID era, communication is even more important. Offerings from schools are endless but their awareness to students may be limited. This is where effective communication comes into play. Keeping them updated and reassured will help both students and recruitment partners go a long way. Being quick in their response to students’ queries is crucial. Students planning to study abroad have always had a multitude of questions, but with updated regulations, changes to the way classes are conducted and more, recruitment partners must be prepared to guide students and provide these answers.  

Recruitment partners should take the initiative to provide all necessary information, news and updates regarding any relevant information for their students. It is also important for recruitment partners to be up-to-date with international education trends and be swift in their response to any potential opening or lead that they come across. This is where Aplicar has a huge role to play. Aplicar not only helps recruitment partners be on top of their game but also provides options of hundreds of educational institutions, that suit best to their student’s profile and goals.. Aplicar’s AI-powered platform also ensures that all applications are processed within 24 hours, making the process swift and seamless for both partners and students.

In this new era of international education, the relationship between recruitment partners and students is even more crucial and important. However, the opportunities provided by Aplicar ensure students nor partners have to compromise on their choices. Aplicar is the world’s smartest study abroad platform for recruitment partners and students to benefit from and overcome the challenges that emerged due to the onset of the pandemic. 


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