Top 10 Canadian Job Markets


Top 10 Canadian Job Markets

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for foreign nationals to find job opportunities. An education in Canada, in such a case, also helps immensely. International students seek opportunities to study in Canada and often it is very competitive to get into the best courses to study in Canada after graduation. Furthermore, once a Canada student completes their education, it is crucial to understand the job market and know the best cities where they can seek job opportunities.

Canada International Students has been one of the leading countries in welcoming skilled international workers from around the globe to join their workforce and make use of the opportunities. Various cities in various provinces all around Canada are building robust economies and job markets that are attracting skilled immigrants who are ready for the industry with industry proficiencies.  

It is important to note that while the pandemic has put a dent on the job market and increased job cuts in many cities. However, the country’s robust economy is recovering from the impact of COVID and finding novel ways to overcome the crisis and put people back into jobs.

As an encouraging sign, apart from the major cities, smaller cities are also seeing growth in the job market. Here is a list of 10 Canadian cities that have shown promise in job opportunities:

  1. Brantford, OntarioThe city of Brantford has a huge immigrant population from Asia, the Caribbean and more. The city has a high employment rate and is witnessing a promising annual growth rate.
  2. Ottawa, OntarioThe city of Ottawa has a relatively low unemployment rate. Ottawa has until recently been the city with the second highest employment rate and a high rate of increase in employment annually.
  3. Quebec City, QuebecQuebec City in the French-speaking province of Canada also has a high rate of employment. A high number of immigrants find their way to this province for studies, primarily in the fields of engineering and technology. The job market in and around Quebec for engineers and finance professionals is quite robust.
  4. Kelowna, British ColumbiaKelowna is one of the most sought after cities in the country by job seekers. The mid-sized city on the West Coast fared quite well economically through the second wave of the pandemic.
  5. Calgary, AlbertaThe picturesque city of Calgary has one of the highest employment rate in Canada and has seen one of the lowest unemployment rates.
  6. Saskatoon, SaskatchewanThe city of Saskatoon is witnessing a steady increase in the job market. Immigrants are looking towards Saskatchewan more and more. The city has a high demand for the medical and teaching profession. Engineers, project managers and construction professionals also have high demand.
  7. Abbotsford, British ColumbiaThe city of Abbotsford is witnessing a steady annual growth in the employment rate. The employment rate in the city is over 2/3rds.
  8. Halifax, Nova ScotiaThe city of Halifax is not only a popular destination for tourists but it is also growing as a popular destination for job seekers. The waterside city is seeing demand for project managers, medical professionals, accounting professionals, teachers, doctors, law professionals etc in the job market.
  9. Victoria, British Columbia

    One of the more upscale cities in the province, Victoria has seen a very low rate of unemployment in recent years. The city is growing in private enterprise and new job opportunities are growing steadily.
  10. Toronto, OntarioThe vibrant city of Toronto comes to mind when you think of a metropolis in Canada. The nations economic hub, international tourist destination and a city with a beautiful, scenic skyline, also offers a myriad variety of career opportunities. The city does have a high cost of living.  However, for those who wish to enter into a corporate life or corporate profession, banking, investment, finance or similar jobs, Toronto is a great option.

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