Top 5 In-demand jobs for graduates in Canada

Top 5 In-Demand Jobs For Graduates In Canada

Canada has been routinely named as one of the best countries in the world for its high quality of life, stable economy, public safety, excellent healthcare, and a large job market. It attracts a large community of international students from across the world every year. These same international students are essential to study in canada without ielts. In this article, we discuss what the top in-demand fields are in Canada, so students can get an idea of where they may want to focus their studies!


Here are the top 5 in-demand careers in Canada:


There is a growing demand for medical practitioners and nurses. One of the major factors driving this demand is Canada’s aging population. Nurse practitioners are required in hospitals in various departments including the surgical, paediatric and
other short-staffed departments, clinics and nursing homes. Trained nurse practitioners draft medical reports, help patients with diagnosis, treatment and more.


Job Qualification 

Students Study In Canada require a degree in nursing or medical field along with extensive clinical experience as a nurse. As a requirement, it is also mandatory to get registered with a government-approved regulatory body in the province where you work.



The demand for medical practitioners has grown exponentially and is expected to rise in the future.

Top 5 In-Demand Jobs For Graduates In Canada


From generating the power of cars to computers, electronics, smartphones and most importantly cyber security, there is a rising demand for engineers across different industries like never before. There are several fields of engineering that one can choose to specialize in and pursue a career path of their choice.


Students will require a four-year engineering degree program and a specialization

in the field of their choice. Employers may also require considerable work experience or coop experience from school.


There is a growing demand of engineers and is expected to rise over the next few years.


The Government of Canada spends more per capita on the education sector than most countries in the world. As the population grows, at all levels, the demand for students grows exponentially. 


Students will need a bachelor’s degree in education at the minimum going up to a doctoral degree depending on the requirement of the educational institution.


The demand for qualified teachers has grown and will continue to rise in the future.

Top 5 In-Demand Jobs For Graduates In Canada

Human Resources/Recruitment Managers

As more and more businesses are grow, there has been an increase in demand for recruitment managers. Recruitment plays a pivotal role in filling the growing demand for vacancies in the field. As Canadian industries grow and move into the future, HR and recruitment will be essential to the growth of businesses and the economy. 


A bachelor’s and master’s degree in management.


The demand for human resource managers will grow in the near future.

Financial Advisors

Over the last 30 years, Canada has grown as an international hub for business and thus the demand for Financial managers has seen a rise. Financial managers work in banks, financial institutions, companies and advise on money matters and financial policies, financial planning, auditing, budgeting, accounting etc.


A Bachelor’s degree in fields such as Economics, Business Administration or Commerce and Master’s degree in the same field is preferred.


As Canada establishes itself as a hub for international business, the demand for financial advisors will remain high into the future.

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