US- One of the best options for study abroad



Why is US excellent for international Education?


US has emerged as one of the most promising study abroad destinations for students. Aplicar offers many opportunities for students looking for varied courses at different educational institutions and facilitates their admission process at a number of partner institutions. The appeal of US can be gauged from the fact that more than 1 million students come from overseas to study here. There are many factors which come together to make US one of the most favoured study abroad destinations.

Some of the best institutions in the world are located in the US. They offer a plethora of courses that span various streams and cater to a wide variety of students.  Not only can you find subjects in the very combinations that you desire, the flexibility extends also to the structure of the course that you enrol for. At the undergraduate level, you can choose a mix of different kinds of courses as you have to decide a major only by the end of the second year.

In the US you can find more than 5500 educational institutions. They are located in big cities, rural areas, and even small urban areas, making it easy for every student to find a place that is best suited to their temperament. Whatever kind of undergraduate or postgraduate courses that a student seeks, they can find them in just the combination that they want.

Add to this the generous scholarships that many of these prestigious colleges offer, and the inhibitive fee for many colleges becomes much more manageable. There are also grants and financial aid packages that students can avail.

The standard of education in the US is considered a touchstone for education globally. US institutions are consistently ranked among the top institutions in the world. They strive to maintain the highest standards of education through rigorous academic practices supported by excellent teachers and facilitators. With the top ranking universities of the world located in the US, they offer some of the very best learning experiences, research facilities and on-job training programmes. It is the hub of research and innovation in varied fields.

When education is a multicultural experience, learning goes beyond the textual context and includes in its scope the on-campus social, cultural and emotional learning that students can get only in such a diverse environment. As a melting pot of various local cultures, it is the perfect place to prepare one self for working in a multi-cultural environment. In fact, many companies prefer students who have been in multicultural settings as employees given the sheer variety of experiences that they have been exposed to and bring with themselves to apply to various challenges at their organisation.

The institutions also understand the pressure that different cultures and a different environment can put students under. To ease the process, institutions regularly have orientation programmes, workshops and encourage community events to promote harmony.

Even though it is believed that getting a job in the US is tough, a lot of international students can, in fact, work while they are studying in the US. The F1 student visa helps you find part-time employment.

In this land of opportunities, students don’t just get an excellent education, they prepare themselves for the competitive world in an environment that is considered conducive to their growth as well as helps them adjust to the pace. The experience of American campus life is unique in the wonderful balance of fun, learning, engagement and opportunities that it brings forth. If you are open to new experiences, the US has plenty to offer you, regardless of the institution that you choose. Aplicar offers multiple education opportunities through a range of courses at prestigious universities in the US. Sign up and find your best fit.

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